October 15


Why I Chose to be a Travel Agent

My colleagues and friends were intrigued when I told them I was leaving a successful Human Resources career to become a Travel Advisor. To a person, they were all very happy for me, some of them envious, and they all asked the big question: Why??? For those who don’t know me well, I will elaborate.

  1. Travel is my passion in life.

Travel is always top of mind for me. I’m almost embarrassed to share that I do TONS of research on my travel destinations. Every place I go is a most excellent adventure, even when things go bump. I never seem to have enough time in any location to see and do all that I want before it’s time to go home. Many times, I travel solo, but when I travel with friends and family, they always beg for a breather!!

  1. I love to connect with people – in person.

There is a great sense of warmth I get from meeting with someone in person. I can get that from the phone too, but I love to be in the moment with someone and feel their personality come through. Really, there is no better way to connect that when you’re in the moment speaking with someone in person. And you know what? Everybody loves to talk about their trips and travel aspirations.

Something magical happens when I meet other travelers – there’s an amazing bonding experience that takes place. When I flew to Istanbul to embark on a cruise to Turkey and the Greek Islands, I met a woman on my flight who was also traveling there to go on a cruise (a different one than mine). We became fast friends on the first flight and stuck together through our two delayed connections. On the ship, I met several wonderful people and am still friends with them.

  1. To help others with life-enriching and life-changing experiences.

Travel brings me out of my normal routine and introduces me to different perspectives on life. Every trip teaches me more about the world and more about myself. Truly, it was during one of my trips to France that ignited the spark to change careers.

I am thrilled to begin writing the new novel in my life. Consider this chapter number one. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and invite you to follow me!!


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