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22 Jun: Five Reasons to Visit Panama

A tropical nation, Panama captivates with stunning natural beauty, outdoor adventures, vibrant culture, amazing beaches, and diverse plant and animal life. Bordered by the Caribbean Sea on the north and the Pacific Ocean on the south, this sideways S-shaped isthmus sits between Costa Rica and Colombia.
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16 May: River Cruising – Breaking The Old Stereotype

If you think river cruising is just for “old” people, toss that idea overboard. The industry is breaking the old stereotypes and offering activities for vibrant, active travelers who want more than to settle into a lounge chair on deck. River cruising is hot and getting more popular with younger travelers.

08 May: Luxury Cruises – The Best Value for Your Money

This will come as a surprise. Travelers get sticker shock when they see the price of luxury cruises. Most people love the all-inclusive aspect - wonderful food, great amenities, larger cabins, smaller ships, and superb service. Very attractive. However, the price point makes them run to the premium or budget lines. I mean, those price points are so much more reasonable, right?
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26 Apr: Galápagos – A Truly Unique Adventure

Come face to face with a blue footed booby, snorkel with sea lions, soak up the sun with iguanas, enjoy the brilliant display of stars in the night sky, or simply enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. Yep, it’s just another typical day in the Galápagos. One of the few locations on earth without an indigenous human population, the Galápagos Islands are an especially unique place.
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28 Mar: The Inside Scoop on Vacation Rentals

I opened the door to a shrill beeping noise. My first thought was, “I’m so glad that smoke alarm battery chose to die during the day time, rather than the middle of the night.” As I walked through the house to figure out which one was making all the racket, I discovered it wasn’t a smoke alarm. It was my carbon monoxide detector.
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21 Jan: Vow to WOW this Valentine’s Day – 12 Travel Tips for Love!

Cupid is practicing his aim and many of you are firmly in his sights. February is the time when men and women ask themselves the burning question, “How can I make this year very special for my Valentine?” We humans are all hardwired to care and provide for our loved ones. We adore them and want to show our appreciation for them by giving them a gift or greeting card as a symbol to reflect how much we care.