January 14


New Decade – Five New Travel Experiences

Welcome the new Roaring 20’s with a passion to refresh your outlook on life and make this The Year for New travel destinations and experiences.  Exploring a destination for the first time?  Fantastic!  Returning to a city or country that you absolutely love?  Great – COMMIT to experiencing it in a fresh new way.

Here are FIVE ways to put an exciting spin on your travels in 2020.

Rather Than a River Cruise in Europe – Cruise the Amazon

Experience this vast wilderness from its origins in Peru, where it covers a land mass greater than the size of Western Europe.  Arguably the best way to see the Amazon, a cruise down this mighty river will show you the beauty of the rainforest and the animals that call it home.  Venture into the jungle in search of wildlife, visit native communities, and swim with pink dolphins.  Then come back to your air-conditioned stateroom for a hot shower and a welcoming bed.

Rather Than Florence and Rome – Visit San Remo and the Dolomites

We love the history, art and beauty of two of the most iconic cities in Italy – and other cities that are on the usual travel itinerary.  Expand your horizons and experience destinations that may not have hit your radar yet… enjoy la dolce vita on the Italian Riviera and breathe the fresh mountain air in the Alps of Italy.

Rather Than a Road Trip to the National Parks – Map out a New Strategy to See America the Beautiful

Try some of America’s best cuisine, craft beer and fantastic wine while you experience the diversity of its urban and rural areas. Switch it up with a road trip on the iconic Highway 1 from San Diego to Napa Valley.  Stop and see the sights along the way including Huntington Beach, Santa Barbara, the Santa Ynez wine country, San Luis Obispo, Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Monterey, San Francisco, and Napa Valley.  Check out the East Coast and rather than driving, take the train from Washington D.C. to Boston, with stops along the way in Philadelphia and New York.

Rather Than Penguins near Antarctica – See Polar Bears in the Arctic

Is adventure your middle name?  Do you love remote destinations and pristine wilderness and want to escape the Arizona heat?  If so, the North Pole is calling your name.  Take an expedition to see polar bears and visit locations that are largely inaccessible.

Rather Than the Party Atmosphere in Mexico – Enjoy La Féria in Seville, Spain

Love the festive and relaxed atmosphere of Mexico’s beaches?  If so, add a splash of culture (without the swimsuits) and head to Spain.  Spring in Seville is electric!  The April Fair is a week of serious dancing, drinking, eating and socializing while celebrating Andalucia’s unique heritage.  Local residents and visitors wear traditional Andalusian dress – flamenco dresses for the ladies and form fitting suits for the men.  And, the horses and carriages are decked out – you can hear the jingle bells as the carriages make their way through the streets.

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to see the world differently.  Carpe Diem!  Now is the time to take hold and take advantage of New Year incentives and promotions.  The world is waiting for you – I’m here to help you experience it.  Call or email to act on your resolution.  602-692-9379 or  [email protected]


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