December 22


14 Christmas Travel Hacks

  1. Have Santa phone to speak with the kids.
  • Children may be worried that Santa won’t be able to find them. Bring a small gift for each child and hide it. If at a hotel, ask the front desk or concierge to have a male staff member pose as Santa and call the room on Christmas morning. You can provide a little script that lets each child know that he hasn’t forgotten them and to go check the closet/drawer/desk for their present today – and there are more gifts waiting at home.
  1. Don’t wrap gifts until you arrive at your destination.
  • If you check your bag, TSA may unwrap the gift during a bag inspection. Make it easy on yourself and pack gift bags and tissue paper.
  1. Take fresh batteries for electronics that are not rechargeable.
  2. For your rechargeable electronic devices, bring chargers.
  3. Download useful apps in advance (language/maps) so they are ready when you arrive.
  4. You can use Google Maps even when you don’t have data, so save maps before you travel.
  5. Carry a USB cable for charging your phone.
  • You may be able to use the cable to charge your phone on the plane. And, you can plug it in the USB port on the TV in your hotel room. This is especially handy if you forgot an electric outlet adaptor.
  1. Take photos of travel documents.
  • If you lose documents, your ID/passport or credit cards, you will have the information at your fingertips on your phone.
  1. Keep holiday treats refrigerated with frozen sponges.
  • Freeze wet sponges the night before your trip and slip them into your luggage. (Keep the frozen sponges sealed in a Ziploc.)
  1. Pack a scarf or pashmina at the top of your hand luggage.
  • You can use it as an extra layer or blanket when it’s cool or as a cover-up, if needed.
  1. Check your tire air pressure, wiper fluid and fill the tank before leaving.
  2. Hit the road early or late to avoid some of the holiday traffic.
  3. Pack a safety kit, ice scraper, de-icing fluid, blanket, flashlight, tow rope and spare change for tolls.
  4. Avoid giving kids salty treats that make them thirsty.
  • Thirsty kids drink more water – and that means more stops for bathroom breaks.


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