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Making Waves and Rockin’ the Boat

Virgin Voyages is making an epic sea change in the world of ocean cruising and has broken the mold on how a cruise experience looks and feels.  The vibe onboard the beautiful Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady is ‘boutique hipster hotel meets luxury yacht’.  Innovation begins with the genius physical design and extends to food, entertainment, and itineraries.

Richard Branson’s love for music ultimately turned into a passion for redefining and elevating the human experience.  He started with Virgin Records, then founded award-winning hotels, airlines, and Virgin Galactic – where not even the sky is the limit.

The Basics

No kids: Virgin Voyages is not for kids, but you can bring your inner child – the minimum age is 18.

Tons of added value:  Virgin aims to make the sea “fairer” by giving Sailors (guests) over $600 in value which includes gratuities, wifi, all 20+ eateries onboard, group fitness classes, and soft drinks.  All food is gloriously prepared to order and there are no buffets.  This is a true win-win for both your stomach and the planet!

Where they sail:  Miami is the home port for Caribbean cruises and Barcelona is the home port for Mediterranean journeys.  Each cruise includes a late or overnight stay at Bimini, Branson’s private island in the Bahamas or Ibiza, Spain.

Bimini Beach Club at night – pool hero image for website – optimized


Is it magic or just clever technology that makes the cabins more than just a space for sleeping?  The revolutionary design creates a modern and functional living space with comfortable beds that morph into loungers during the day in the Insider, Sea View and Sea Terrace categories.  Upgraded bathrooms with roomy rain showers and sensory mood lighting elevate the cabin experience.

The luxurious Tom Dickson designed RockStar and Mega RockStar Quarters include fun flourishes and offer exclusive access to Richard’s Rooftop, an elegant private deck.

Eateries and Bevvies

Michelin inspired dining and menus imagined by leading chefs drive the incredible cuisine that is sure to crush any craving.  From the sophisticated steakhouse to the 24/7 diner, hungry sailors have tons of options.  The champagne lounge, draft house, and other venues provide quality drinks without the premium price tag.

Wine presentation at The Wake restaurant.


The groundbreaking acts, immersive experiences and pop-up performances in unique entertainment venues are original and extraordinary.

Vitamin Sea at Redemption Spa

The Thermal Suite features sauna, mud, salt, and steam rooms, hot/cold plunge pools, and marble hammam benches.  There are indoor and outdoor fitness spaces and group classes at no charge.

Man boxing at the Training Camp. (credit: @thefraserjames)

Squid Ink Tattoo Studio

Sailors can get some new ink, permanent make-up, and body piercings from trendsetting as well as the occasional celebrity artist.  All tattoos are created with original vegan ink and permanent make-up treatments use vegan-friendly Perma Blend pigments.

Guest Tattoo Artist Jason Ackerman preps a tattoo at Squid Ink onboard Scarlet Lady.

Health Safety

Health screenings, temperature checks, hospital grade irradiation and disinfectants, social distancing, masks, an air purification system that kills 99.9% of viruses, and increased medical capabilities onboard are several of the processes in place to ensure that Sailors and crew remain safe.

Sea Huggers

Virgin aims to minimize environmental impacts, sustain local economies and protect the ocean’s health.  Pioneering technology transforms engine heat into clean energy and purifies wastewater.  Materials and products are sourced with sustainability in mind and retail offerings include reef-friendly sunscreen, upcycled materials and sustainable fashion.

Virgin Voyages Destinations

Virtuoso Amenity

Time is truly a luxury – and sometimes we all feel the need to break free from schedules and timetables.  Embrace that rebellious spirit and treat yourself like a rock star by boarding any time you please.  Usually reserved for Sailors in the RockStar Quarters, savvy Sailors who book with a Virtuoso advisor receive this amenity, regardless of their cabin category.

Celebrity Sighting 

Celebrate with Richard on the Scarlet Lady for his birthday bash on a four night voyage from Miami to Key West with an extended stay at The Beach Club at Bimini – July 14, 2021 departure.  And yes, Richard will be on board!!  From $720 per person  (10% savings), up to $400 onboard credit, get an additional $100 with $300 pre-paid bar tab.

Virgin Voyages is the choice for a perfect blend of relaxation and high-energy excitement, and when your inner rock star is ready to rock on,  I’m here to hook you up!  602-692-9379 or [email protected]


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