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Los Cabos – Easy to Visit

Los Cabos is an easy getaway from Phoenix and my October trip there made me giddy with joy!  OK, that may sound silly, but I had not traveled internationally since the end of 2019 (pre-COVID).  I focused on the new Zadun, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve and Chileno Bay for this discovery trip.  Here is a quick update.

Easy Travel From the Southwest

An easy two hour non-stop flight from Phoenix, Cabo is a popular getaway for its adventure activities, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, golf, world-class gastronomy, and celebrity sightings.  There are many options for private villas, homes, or all-inclusive resorts that offer the opportunity to “sojourn” in a beautiful place with a fantastic infrastructure to support remote work and school options.  This is the trend to watch or be a part of.

Entry requirements are minimal.  Avoid the lines on arrival and complete the health form online.  You can download it or get a bar code that you can show from your phone in order to clear customs.

Zadun, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

I was greeted with a very welcome cold towel and soft drink on arrival.  Discerning travelers will appreciate this intimate resort that embraces its local environment and weaves indigenous flavors into the fabric of its very being.  The spacious rooms are located throughout the resort in smaller quad or duplex style buildings that embrace social distancing and privacy.  The entry level rooms are large and include plunge pools on private patios with ocean views.

The resort embraces the outdoors with a great amount of spacing between buildings and mostly outdoor restaurant and group settings.

There are activities to suit any interest.  I highly recommend the Agave Tasting Experience!  Mixologist Hector Ramirez gives the background and history of mezcal and tequila. Our tasting of multiple tequilas was matched with small plates – so this turned into our dinner meal.  I was enthralled by the story he told about why our tequila was served in mismatched glasses.  Families would come together and share meals – like a potluck – and bring their own dishes and glassware – and leave them.  The next time the families got together, the same sharing of dishes and glasses would add to the mix.  He brought to life the culture of the community through our tasting experience.

I really enjoyed our group sunset cruise to see Los Arcos.  Was it the music, the appetizers, the cocktails, the view, or all of the above?  Truth be told, I’m not a yoga person, but sunrise yoga was simply amazing – followed by the morning bread truck.

Chileno Bay, an Auberge Resort

This resort had me at “hola”.  I felt the vibe the moment I walked toward the beach – is this the only resort that has a spin class at the pool?  OK — so I walked by admiring the guests determined to stay fit, while my first activity was to  enjoy lunch with a margarita by the beach, but I digress…  This beautiful resort is perfect for solos, couples and families.

I delighted in observing my hostess prepare the Chilenito cocktail at the little mini bar in my room and enjoyed it while taking in the ocean view from my balcony.  I also loved my outdoor shower, all of which made me feel like I was on vacation, rather than a work trip.

Chileno Bay has a swimmable beach (rare in Los Cabos) and guest rooms that accommodate from 1 guest to suites and villas for up to 12 guests.  The resort offers shuttle service to its sister property, Esperanza, for the perfect romantic dinner with an ocean view.

Los Cabos is an Easy Getaway

Los Cabos is an easy getaway for us here in the Southwest.  This is a great time to take advantage of fantastic promotions that may include extra amenities.  When you’re ready to travel and make it easy, I’m an email or phone call away.  (As an aside, I also visited a few other resorts so that I could determine what would be the best fit for different styles of travel.  Reach out to me to learn more.)  [email protected] or 602-692-9379


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