December 20


Twas the Night Before Traveling

Twas the Night Before Traveling

Twas the night before traveling and all through the house,

The family was scrambling to help mom choose a blouse.

The luggage was chosen by father with care,

In hopes that the kids wouldn’t pack more than their share.

With the family now nestled all snug in their beds,

Visions of their vacation danced in their heads.

Then all of a sudden the clock made a huge racket,

Let’s get ready to go – don’t forget your jacket

Off to the airport we go and hope we’re on time,

Banned item found by TSA, you know that’s a crime.

Boarding the plane is crazy – folks in a tizzy,

Movie, book, wifi – we have enough to keep busy.

On the ground, we pass through immigration,

We’re happy to visit this cool destination.

We’ve been VIP’d, thanks Virtuoso and Brownell,

Upgraded room, breakfast, and hotel credit – Swell!

We tour all around – photos are postcard pretty,

It’s so pleasant, we don’t want to leave this city.

Tomorrow we’ll wake up and then head for home,

In the future, we know we’ll continue to roam.


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