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Packing Tricks

It’s time to hit the road for your long awaited vacay. Next stop paradise! But first – you have to pack. Staring at that empty suitcase can immediately transform your excitement into panic. Lucky for you, we have a list of packing hacks to make the dreaded process a breeze.

Get a trusty set of wheels.

Hard case luggage is a lifesaver. Put your mind at ease as you watch your bag being tossed carelessly onto the conveyor from the window of the plane with a three piece set.


Use a packing checklist as your guide.

Either make your own or do a little digging to find the perfect list online. A packing list ensures you won’t forget anything and encourages even the most relentless over-packer to trim it down a bit.


Make Your Own List

As you use the packing checklists for essentials, make your own day-by-day list to make sure you have exactly what you need (and you don’t over pack). Print out your itinerary, and write what you will wear for each activity. During those weeks leading up to the trip when it’s too early to actually pack, you can channel your excitement into your wardrobe plan. And be sure to pack it!
Without a plan, you could end up packing everything in your closet – try fitting that suitcase in the overhead bin! 


Packing cubes, packing cubes, packing cubes.

Compartmentalize your suit case with the miracle of packing cubes. Group shirts together, bottoms together, etc.


Start at the bottom.

Pack all of your heavier items (shoes, cosmetic bags, etc.) at the bottom of your suitcase to make weaving through the airport crowds a breeze.

Stow away chargers and headphones in a sunglasses case.

This is a quick fix to avoid the hassle of untangling headphones that have been knotting like there’s no tomorrow in the bottom of your purse.

Wear bulkier items.

Not only does this save space in your suitcase, but your jacket can double as a pillow while you’re en route.

Invest in a pre-packed “Grab Bag”.

Fill it with all of your travel sized toiletries and other necessities so you’re ready to go at the drop of the hat. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting an essential or have to deal with unpacking!

Take a bag for laundry.

Throw in a mesh laundry bag for your journey so you can separate the dirty clothes from the clean. A pillowcase can also get the job done!

Buy a luggage scale already!

It’s 2017. It’s time to stop sacrificing an extra pair of shoes because you fear reaching the fifty pound limit. Take the guesswork out of it with a handy dandy luggage scale.


Use matching luggage tags.

When traveling with a large group, consider grabbing a set of matching luggage tags to make claiming your bags a little smoother. #twinning


To roll or to fold?

Ah, the age old packing debate. The answer: roll. It is  scientifically* proven that rolling saves more space than folding, and on top of that it also cuts down on wrinkles. Win-win!

*There is no scientific evidence, but just trust us on this one.


Consolidate as much as possible.

Stuff socks, sunscreens, and other small items into a hat or shoes to maximize space – and to stop your hat from totally losing its shape after spending the day in a suitcase.

Ward off wrinkles with dry cleaning bags.

Pack wrinkle prone garments in a plastic dry cleaning bag to avoid creases.

Safeguard spills with plastic wrap.

Its every girl’s worst nightmare – you open your makeup bag to discover your fifty dollar foundation leaked and took down all of its travel-sized friends with it. Save yourself and your makeup bag by placing plastic wrap in between the bottle and the lid.

Store shoes in a shower cap.

Lay your shoes in a shower cap to keep that pristine white shirt out of harm’s way.

Stock up on TSA approved travel bottles.

Get all of your liquid necessities down to the magic three ounces easily, ensuring that you and your shampoo make it on the plane in one piece.

Keep your jewelry safe.

Get creative packing your jewelry so your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings don’t arrive in a tangled mess. Pack dainty necklaces and bracelets in individual small zip-top bags with part in the zipper to prevent knots. Put rings and earrings in a pill organizer to keep them from getting lost. And leave any precious, irreplaceable heirlooms at home!

Stay Fresh.

Place dryer sheets in your suitcase to keep everything smelling fresh. If you forget, stick some of the great smelling hotel soaps in your bag – your clothes will smell great and you’ll have soap that will remind you of your fab vacay back at home!

Remember the hotel amenities.

Nowadays you don’t have to pack your own hair dryer, body lotion, nail file, Q-tips, etc – they come standard in many hotel rooms, especially at 4-5 star properties! On top of that, many have good quality shampoo and conditioner so you only need to bring your styling tools and products.

Bring a reusable water bottle.

You fill it once you get through security so you can stay hydrated when you fly (so important, especially on those long-haul flights). Plus you can have water on hand during your trip so you don’t have to stop to get water often – for you or little ones!

Have reinforcements on hand.

If you love to shop or will need a smaller bag for day trips, pack a lightweight tote bag in your suitcase. Longchamp’s “Le Pliage” nylon bags fold and are perfect for beach trips, souvenirs, and more.


Pack a clutch that can double as your wallet, so it can tuck easily in a larger tote. You’ll have a nice bag for the evening but won’t have to use space in your suitcase for extra purses.

Bring Neutral Solids

Neutral tops and bottoms can transition from day to night with a few accessories and can mix and match so you don’t have to pack as much. Even better, you’ll have more of a reason to buy that bright scarf or gorgeous necklace when you have the perfect black column to pair them with!

Be Realistic

If you don’t workout at home, what makes you think you need running shoes and workout clothes for the hotel gym? Nope. If you dread stilettos on a night out, will you really wear them on the cobblestones after a day of walking around? Not a chance. Pack what you will really wear, not what you think you might wear.


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