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Take a Hike – Five Styles to Feed Your Wanderlust

A hiking vacation is ideal for immersing in a destination’s landscapes, culture and people. And, you can’t go wrong with the following five tour operators and the unique value they offer to their guests.

Photo courtesy of Backroads


1.  Michelin Star Cuisine with Backroads

Walking through towns and in rural areas, while taking the time to engage with the people and places at a slower pace connects the traveler more authentically with their destinations. Backroads offers luxury walking and hiking trips on 6 continents and in 58 countries. Walking all day will help you work up an appetite to enjoy delicious meals served in the selected restaurants along the way. Michelin Star cuisine is featured in 31 restaurants on select itineraries in Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Expect trips of 6 – 9 days duration and 14 – 20 fellow travelers.


2. Completely Custom Itineraries with EXP Journeys

Would you like a hiking vacation designed just for you and that takes you places you’ve always wanted to go without having to figure out the logistics and permits? EXP Journeys will create it for you. They build once-in-a-lifetime experiences designed from the ground up – just for you. They never embark on the same journey twice. Destinations include North America, South America, and Antarctica. You can determine the length of your trip and who is traveling with you.

Photo courtesy of Natural Habitat Adventures


3. Wildlife Conservation and 100% Carbon Neutral with Natural Habitat Adventures

A heart healthy and heart-warming way to feed your wanderlust is to combine your love for the diverse animal species on Earth with environmentally responsible adventure travel. Natural Habitat Adventures is the conservation travel partner of the World Wildlife Fund and is the first 100 percent carbon neutral travel company. They specialize exclusively in nature travel with access to private wildlife reserves, remote corners of national parks, and distinctive camps and lodges where you have the best opportunity to view wildlife. They offer expeditions that span the globe from Antarctica to Zambia. Expect trips of 6 -13 days duration and 8 – 10 fellow travelers.

Courtesy of International Expeditions


4. Eco Tourism and Support for Community Projects with International Expeditions

Standing up and advocating for communities that could benefit from a helping hand is important to International Expeditions. They have a long history of founding and providing resources for conservation and community projects, including bringing clean water and school supplies to Amazon villages, supporting conservation efforts in the Galapagos and conservation of the delicate ecosystems in Alabama’s Cahaba River. International Expeditions offers journeys in Africa, the Middle East, Asia & the Pacific, Central & South America, North America, and the Caribbean. Expect trips of 7 -17 days duration and 8 -18 fellow travelers.

Photo Courtesy of G Adventures


5. Challenging Hikes and Support for Local Communities with G Adventures

When all you want is to make the world a better place, experience a challenging hike – not just a walk, and have the time of your life, consider G Adventures. Hiking and trekking journeys include Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Patagonia, the Inca Trail, and Nepal. From the guides to the locally sourced meals to the accommodations, you immerse yourself in and support the local community. Sleep in a camp in Patagonia, an Alpine mountain refuge, or in a Nepali teahouse. G Adventures is committed to supporting local communities. Expect trips of 7 -16 days duration and 10 -15 fellow travelers.

Regardless of your level of fitness or expertise, a hiking vacation is a fantastic opportunity to feed your love for adventure in a style that meets your needs and fulfills your passions. Feed your wanderlust and take a hike!


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