Take a Trip, Make a Difference


The places we visit — whether it’s a local state park or a safari in Africa — have the power to change us in both simple and profound ways. We learn about ourselves and others, being in the moment and appreciating the world and extraordinary people around us.

What if your next trip could not only change you, but change the world for the better?

Kipsigi Community – building a school


Voluntourism trips offer the opportunity to spend your vacation time and skills with those who need them most. Opportunities abound for kids and adults to learn empathy, and gain perspective on global poverty, the environmental impact of climate change, grass roots businesses in local communities, and animal conservation.

In the village tending to the cows

Go with heart, but plan with your head.

Like any kind of travel, voluntourism is vulnerable to scams and fraud. Verify the sponsoring agency.  Make sure you know what to pack, which vaccinations are required, applicable fees, and what challenges might be present in the area or the work you’re about to engage.

Bogani Camp Map

While in Kenya, I was privileged to engage with the Me to We organization and stay at their Bogani Tented Camp in the Masai Mara.  We learned about how they work in rural areas to break the cycle of poverty and support community development. 

Mama Jane Marindany in her home

We toured a primary school in the Enelerai community, Baraka Medical Clinic, and learned about village life from Mama Jane Marindany (2018 Unstoppable Achievement Award Winner) in Emori Joi.  

Baraka Medical Clinic

We walked to the river to fill 25 and 50 pound containers of water (typically women’s work), which we carried a half mile back to the community, and also helped to build a new school in Kipsigi community.

Carrying 50 pounds of water from the river to the village

Choose opportunities that encourage relationship.

It’s easy and tempting to pop in someplace, make an appearance, and then leave.  Our group toured WE College and spent time in with the students to learn about their educational journeys and career aspirations.

Warm welcome from students at WE College

Look for opportunities to stay connected after you leave.  Sign up for newsletter updates, share photos you took, write a note or email a few times a year.

Know yourself.

If you’ve never been exposed to extreme poverty or the pressing plight of some of the globe’s endangered species, be aware that trips like these can be emotionally demanding.

Fetching water with the help of donkeys

Take time to rest and process.

When your engagement is over, take a little time to get to know more about the communities you visited. Many people are surprised by how life-changing these trips can be.

Learning about Masai culture and lifestyle

The world is a big place — but you can make a big difference! 

I’m thrilled to be in a business that helps connect people with the best places and the best parts of themselves.

Plan your trip!

If you’re ready to plan your next adventure, I am here to help. Simply click here to get started.

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