October 10


Ten Reasons We Don’t Take Vacation

In America, we don’t take our earned vacation. We don’t take time off to relax nor do we travel as much as we would like. Travel is a luxury.

The Issue

We want to take vacation! We want to travel! So, what’s stopping us?

  1. We feel obligated to our careers and projects.
  2. Bosses don’t take vacation, so we follow their lead.
  3. Solo travelers don’t want to pay a premium to travel solo.
  4. We’re worried about safety.
  5. We don’t speak the language.
  6. Travel is expensive.
  7. Too many choices, where do we go?
  8. Travel is a luxury.
  9. Time off is a luxury.
  10. Solo travelers have limited options.

When asked, 66% of American workers said that their companies do not encourage and may send mixed signals about taking time off. We forfeited 662 MILLION vacation days last year, according to Project Time Off, an initiative lead by the U.S. Travel Association.

The results are burnout, decreased productivity, decreased quality of work, health problems, and lack of attention to those who matter most to us.

The Solution

Let’s take back our vacation time!

Break away from the day-to-day routine of work and other obligations. Pursue your passions. Travel and visit interesting and unique places in the world. Engage with the people and the culture. You will find opportunities for connection, self-reflection, “aha” moments, and time spent with loved ones. Now, that’s luxury.

Travel and Leisure magazine launched a program called “Operation Vacation” to foster an environment that encourages people to use days off to they can relax and come back to work recharged.   You can share how you’re using your vacation days with the hashtag #operationvacation.

Next Steps

Treat yourself to your definition of luxury, whether that’s splurging on an extravagant all-inclusive cruise, a challenging expedition, an indulgent solo spa retreat, or a weekend getaway with the family.

A professional travel advisor can help you plan and choose a customized, deeply personal travel experience that will not only allow you to refresh and renew, but touch your soul and leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.


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