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The Cure for Packing Anxiety

Planning your trip was a challenge.  You’ve completed the research, picked the dates, and carefully chosen your hotels and activities.  Now comes the part you dread – packing for your trip.  The hard stuff is done, so why panic about what should be a fairly straightforward task?  I totally get you, the struggle is real.

Here are some solutions to help your pre-trip preparation become more streamlined.

Keep it simple.  Take an ultra-lightweight carry-on and use packing cubes to consolidate your items to take less space.

Pack quality, wrinkle resistant items.  Pack items you can wear a few times and coordinate them to create multiple ensembles from several pieces.  Roll, rather than fold items to reduce wrinkles.  My favorite travel clothing brand that ticks all the boxes is Anatomie.  Their separates are made of quality fabrics that are wrinkle-free, easy wash, quick-drying, lightweight, have some stretch, and coordinate easily with each other, so you will look polished without sacrificing comfort.

Plan your outfits around your activities and the weather forecast. Walk through your itinerary and determine each day’s outfit.  Don’t pack any item you don’t wear now.  Most likely, you won’t wear it on your trip.  You want to feel good on vacation so take the outfits that make you feel good now when you wear them.

Travel with no more than 3 pairs of shoes.  You should have a good walking or light athletic style shoe, a dressier shoe, and a sandal or boot, depending on your destination and the weather.  Personally, for my dressy shoes and sandals, I like a sturdy sole and chunky heel to handle uneven pavement and cobbled streets.

Pack half the clothes and twice the money you’ll need.  Seriously.  I find that I don’t always wear everything I take and I continually wear the pieces that make me feel good.

Don’t pack for “just in case” events.  There are usually unplanned scenarios that occur while traveling.  They can range from weather related events to a delightful opportunity you just can’t pass up.  If you’ve packed quality separates, most likely you will have the appropriate ensemble to take part.  If not, I refer you to the “pack half the clothes and twice the money” advice.  This may be a good opportunity to purchase a new item or outfit and support the local economy.

Use a packing checklist.  Create a checklist of clothing such as your undergarments, travel outfits, and accessories.  For the other essentials you need to bring, don’t forget to bring hygiene items, snacks, small electronics, travel docs, passport, and essential medication.  I have a Carry-On Packing Checklist that you can download here.

Don’t wait till the last minute to pack. Have a plan, follow it and get a good night’s sleep so that you don’t start your trip filled with anxiety.

If you incorporate the solutions I’ve outlined, you will reduce your travel anxiety for your next trip!

Still feeling anxiety because you’re not sure your travel wardrobe is up to par?  I recommend Anatomie for the perfect travel ensembles for your travel needs.  And seriously, their travel separates create stylish outfits that will take you fashionably from leisure to business. Save some money with my discount code JLT-PROMO15.  Contact me at 602-692-9379 or [email protected] to get the code!


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