April 29


The New Way to Plan Travel

Let me guess, you’re looking for a new way to plan your travel.  You’re the chief vacation planner in your tribe and you want to make sure everyone is happy.  I’ll bet that some of your trips knocked it out of the park, but some didn’t.  Look, it’s not your fault.  Planning amazing trips requires amazing planning.

Life is short and the most precious resource we all have is time. So while travel may be restricted now, we should take this time to plan future travel and memories with those we care about.

The Old Way

Did you know that people are still spending hours online culling through tons of information and reading travel books?  They search the OTA’s (online travel agencies such as Expedia) for information and deals.  But how do they know whom to trust, if they’re getting a good value, or if they will be able to speak with a human if something goes south?

Before I was in the travel industry, I thought I knew how to travel. I read Rick Steves’ books and other travel guides, then booked online or via email. My vacations were okay, but not exceptional. They could have been SO much better if I had even known that there was a travel advisor who could have helped me.

The New Way

Savvy travelers understand the value of a travel advisor who will save them time, plan their trip and offer added value and amenities.  Advisors start with a discovery meeting to learn about the vision for the trip as well as everyone’s interests, commitment to travel, and budget for the trip. What would make the trip special?  Priceless memories, exciting adventures, strengthening family bonds, or learning about heritage?

During one discovery meeting, a family was surprised to learn that rather than Disney, their daughter wanted to visit Thailand. She was influenced by her parents’ honeymoon picture from Thailand which hung on a wall in their home.  In another case, a husband was surprised to learn that his wife still had extremely fond memories of her college years in Paris, so France was the choice for a 25th anniversary trip.

Think of travel planning as you would financial planning, with an eye on both the near future and long-term.  Travel advisors can guide the planning process as they consider important family milestones, seasonality, and bucket lists.

They tease out important information about travel companions and travel goals such as activities, voluntourism, sustainable travel, and desired destinations over the course of the near future and several years down the road.  I recommend that travelers consider a 5-year travel plan.

While you most certainly can do this on your own, a travel advisor has some tools that make the process easier.  You can begin the process on your own and engage with your family or other travel companions to start with the vision and dream. Keep an open mind and let each individual express their travel interests and dreams.

Then reach out to me, together, we can create a 5-year plan while thinking realistically about timing (and seasonality), location, and budget.  Plus, with my contacts in the industry, we can plan unforgettable experiences and offer added values that you can’t get on your own.

There is no time like the present to dream and plan so you can travel when you are ready.  I am here when you are ready.  You can reach me at [email protected], click here, or call 602-692-9379.  Follow my Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In more travel inspiration.


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