March 20


Travel In The Comfort of Your Own Home

If you’re like me, you are doing your part to halt the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  Gotta be honest – it’s killing me to not get out to my gym, connect in person with my amazing network, see my friends, or travel!

Even a few days into social-distancing, you’re probably feeling the same as me – the need to get out and explore the world.  I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to stop dreaming about your next adventure.  That’s right — my colleagues and I have rounded up ways to experience the world from the comfort of your own home with ideas from virtual tours to global recipes.


Art, history, science, and literature are fascinating.  Today’s technology gives you the tools to experience some of the best museums in the world from the comfort of your couch.  Bring the kiddos along as part of their social studies or art home school classes.  Check into the National  Museum of History, the Guggenheim, or others that you can find here and here.


While you may be jonesing for a delicious Genovese pasta with pesto or a Mexican ceviche, it doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the flavors in your own kitchen.

I’ll share some of my partners’ – and (as a Brownell affiliate) Brownell Executive Vice President Meg North’s – recipes for cocktails, appetizers, entrees, and more!


Movies can take us to new places with their stories and their amazing views of the places we long to visit.  Take a break from the news, and relax while watching one of our suggested travel-inspiring movies.


Let your imagination take flight as you visualize in your mind the stories you read in the pages of a book.  Her are some favorites that I and my colleagues share with you.


Context Travel is one of my favorite tour operators.  When you experience a Context Tour, you get a scholarly expert who can share the importance of a destination in a way that will keep you engaged and interested and may I say – on the edge of your couch!  This is a great educational option for families that are in a home school situation and for those who have a burning desire to learn about a destination.

Context Conversations are 90 minute seminars with scholars where you learn more about a destination or museum.  You can select the date and time for your seminar here.

Travel may be restricted for us now, but we are fortunate to have our books and connections through technology.  Back in the day, many of us experienced the world through radio, television, books, and our local educational institutions.  Let’s take advantage of technology to take “virtual” trips to those destinations on our bucket list.

When it’s safe and you’re ready to travel, I’ll be here to help you plan your trip.




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